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Why Coronavirus is not as Evil as we might think

by The Inspired Accountant

Hate the coronavirus?🙅🏽‍♀️🦠 Spirituality & Science would say that perhaps you really shouldn’t. Allow me to explain.

Conspiracy theories aside, the coronavirus was happily going about its days infecting its usual victims: wild animals. It was only after it made the animal-to-human jump that all hell broke loose. Now can a virus – a microscopic piece of genetic information – be called a “living thing?” It’s hard to say. But it sure does want to keep itself alive. Just like humans and animals are programmed to procreate & maintain their species, this virus is too. It’s like God has given it one simple survival instruction: “Hijack a living cell, make copies of yourself, wait to get passed on, and repeat!”💃🏽

As far as this virus is concerned, we are its newfound habitat. It likes us. It doesn’t want us to die because our death causes its own death. Many bacteria and viruses learn this lesson over time. They hijack their habitat too aggressively at first, until they mutate to become a milder version of themselves so they can live and let live. And if they don’t do that, they could sooner or later face resistance in the form of a vaccine, or just die out.

Now what’s interesting is that Covid-19 is like an attempt by mother nature to wake up the most destructive virus that has ever infected this planet: human beings.

Human beings are the only living creature who continuously exploit and destroy their habitat. Despite being the most “intelligent” and conscious being on the planet, we are ignorant when it comes to maintaining the very environment that gives us life. As long as we get our present-day material benefits, we don’t want to be concerned with the long-term negative affects of our actions. We want to extract and burn fossil fuels, even if it means polluting the air we breathe in. We cant survive without water but don’t think much before polluting it.

The only difference between what we do and what this virus is doing is that of perspective – micro vs macro.

Perhaps it’s time we change so we are no longer such a source of pain for this entire planet and its inhabitants 🌍

Perhaps it’s time for us to “mutate.”

#lessonsfromavirus #wearethevirus

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