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Why “Kun FaYa Kun” is Profound | New Printable

by The Inspired Accountant

Today I’m sharing something very dear to me. This print is special not only because this is my very first calligraphy design, but also because it captures a big part of my spiritual learning thus far… There is a reason why I created it and added it to my shop.

“Kun FaYa Kun” – the phrase translates to “Be, and it is.” God says in the Quran that He manifested all that there is simply by commanding it to exist. It alludes to God’s divine creative power:

-an infinite universe that spans beyond our imagination

-a solar system which is floating somewhere in boundless space

-our cute little planet that is circling around a burning star that we call the Sun

-and this burning star allowing for millions of inter-dependent life forms to flourish.

Too often, our human mind can feel quite logical and sophisticated, but we forget that our existence is but a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things. This universe is a mystery to us and our survival is at the mercy of the whole of creation following the divine command – from bacteria breaking down food, to trees producing oxygen, and even our planet spinning in a certain designated orbit. All of these acts are happening without any direct input from us, yet they are essential for our being.

“Kun Fa Ya Kun” humbles me. It reminds me of God’s power. It makes me realize that my “problems” are not as big as I may think. It tells me that nothing is difficult for God to do, and that no prayer is too much. He who can create the heavens and the earth can easily change anyone’s circumstances beyond imagination too.

I find that anything that we deem impossible or don’t fully understand, we call a miracle. And if we think about God’s creation and how seamlessly it all functions, we find no shortage of miracles happening around us every day. All we have to do is believe and ask Him for one…

As God himself promises, “Call upon me, I will respond to you.“ [40:60] ❤️

Do you make duas with complete faith and all your heart? May be it was something you used to do as a child? Would love to hear!

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