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Mindfulness & a Spiritual Podcast

by The Inspired Accountant
Anam meditating at great wall of China

As many of you would know from my Instagram stories, I’ve been looking into mindfulness and spirituality recently. I have barely scratched the surface. I haven’t done any meditation or exercise. But just by enhancing my knowledge in this area, I have already noted a huge change in myself. Imagine the possibilities!

Crying, feeling self-pity, being overwhelmed, arguing, experiencing anger and reacting – such moments for me have become far and few in between. Definitely still there but much better. And when I do feel such emotions, I catch myself, reflect & learn from the experience.

I’m a lot more conscious of what’s happening around me and inside me. I have learned what can trigger me and feel better equipped to manage it. I find it harder to rant or complain about situations or to roll my eyes at someone’s seemingly ‘ignorant’ remark. Mindfulness has allowed me to come from such a great place of understanding and I’ll forever be grateful for it.

Personally, I want to delve deeper into this, and it is my wish that all of you start this journey too. Actually, this has been a very popular question in my DMs. So, where can you begin?

For starters, I’d like you to listen to Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul podcast episodes starring Eckhart Tolle. Starting Jan 6th 2019, every Monday Oprah discusses with Eckhart one chapter from his book called A New Earth. They’re on Chapter 7 out of 10 now. People call in with their questions as well, some of which may apply to you too. The concepts might be a little hard to grasp with no prior knowledge in this area, but the fact that this is in the form of a conversation really helps. Great way to test the waters and see if this stuff speaks to you. If not, you’re probably in a different phase of life right now and that’s okay.

Just because we weren’t formally taught this stuff doesn’t mean that it’s not important. In fact, I’m convinced that if society had realized the value of emotional intelligence and taught it from an early age, we’d all live in a more peaceful internal and external state.

You can never regret any effort you put in for your own betterment. Listen to the podcast, understand and try to apply what you learn. If you do, let me know if it was eye-opening for you and sparked further interest.

Much love,


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