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On Education, Unlearning & the Outdated School System

by The Inspired Accountant

I don’t know about you, but I’m SO done with reading the same recycled ideas on social media over and over again 🙈 Ideas about comparison, depression, goals, self-care, self-love, gratitude, blah blah blah. Yes, they are great reminders, and I do need them too. But hasn’t it become repetitive? I also feel like no one actually gives any practical tips. Just a whole lot of wishy washy quotes. I’m looking for something different and deeper now.

Before I talk about those different things, I’ve been thinking about the “why” – why is it that we all seem to need these reminders and “quotes” on topics that we didn’t hear much about growing up? And the answer is that there is a fundamental issue in societies with regards to education on such topics – at home and in school.

The schooling system, as we know it today, is hardly two centuries old. It is in no way perfect. It tries to fit an entire population full of unique individuals into the same standard mold of math, science, language, and a limited set of “arts” etc. While we spend a good chunk of our lives pursuing these, no attention is paid whatsoever to the other, perhaps more practical, dimensions of life.

No one is taught how to do simple things such as dealing with their own stress, anxiety, insecurities, anger, or nutrition. There are even cases of undergrads who don’t know how to manage their personal finances.

Yes, it IS possible to teach this stuff. What good is all that education or that perfect job if you don’t even know the basics of life first? Why do these things have to be reserved to be studied in psychology courses in university? Why do they have to be dealt with in a special setting such as rehab? Why expect people to grow up and voluntarily pick up self help books when most people are spending at least 15 years in school? Are these personal concepts really so tough that they are above average human intelligence and can’t be taught as part of basic education?

I don’t think so. It’s just that the school system started as a way to train the masses for jobs – a standard set of duties to be followed to achieve a certain goal by the end of the day. But even today, with all the changes we have experienced, there is still too much of a focus on learning all the technical stuff that isn’t necessarily relevant for daily life. The current education system really shows that there isn’t much importance being given to being emotionally intelligent before being academically intelligent. Sure, there are some classes / sessions being held at schools that focus on helping kids deal with their emotions, stress and anxiety etc. But there needs to be a bigger mindset shift.

For example, somehow it’s been decided that math is VERY important and should be taught every single year up until grade 10 (here in Ontario, Canada anyway). By really – is anything other than basic math thatttt important? I don’t see anyone walking around having to know how to divide polynomials and draw parabolas. On the other hand, subjects like nutrition, anthropology, world religions, and something along the lines of “Stress and Anxiety Management” should be actual courses. There is a lot to be learned there that can nicely fill up a textbook and would make for some very good practical exercises and discussions in class. And we’d actually make use of that everyday trying to live as conscious human beings. Instead of the curriculum being 90% math and science and history, and only 10% emotional management, it can at least be 60/40 or 50/50.

You have all these kids going to school with so much potential, only to be taught the exact same theoretical stuff for 8 hrs. Then they go home and must do homework/ study for exams on that stuff. This is all done without even knowing if they’ll ever need to solve all those fancy equations or if they’ll ever need to know about the Battle of Cambridge at their future jobs. And as for practical things that they need in daily life, they are kind of expected to take out time separately on their own to learn that.

I really believe that emotional intelligence and human consciousness is more important to teach than math and science. We have too many scientists and not enough conscious people. That is why we live in a world with atomic bombs. Science without values. The current school system is reflective of the fact that self care, emotional management, anthropology, world cultures are just not valued. Because if they were valued, they’d teach us.

Anyhow, as you can see I’m trying to learn some new things here and unlearn others. It’s very exciting and much needed. I’ll keep you posted on my journey. But in the meantime – tell me what you think about this. What is one thing you wish you had been taught in school?👇🏽 I’d love to know in the comments below.

I had a GREAT discussion with some of you on my Instagarm Post. Do check it out and see what others had to say.

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