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My Salah Mat – Review

by The Inspired Accountant
My Salah Mat Review

As a Muslim mother, I’m always on the look-out for ways in which I can keep Islamic values alive at home. Whether it’s through community events, family traditions, or Islamic products, I try to ensure that my kids have as much exposure to Islamic teachings as possible. Today I am talking about how My Salah Mat helps me with this goal and why it has proven to be an amazing product for me. 

My Salah Mat

Why My Salah Mat 

An important daily part of our faith is the establishment of five daily prayers. However, I’d say that it also happens to be the most challenging aspect of religion to practice, especially for kids. There are various movements, positions and recitations to learn, which can be difficult for them. 

Growing up in a Muslim-majority country, I attended a school where we recited the Quran, learned about Islamic values, and were taught and even had oral examination on how to perform Salah. We did this in a class setting at school with our friends, as well as with parents and siblings at home, which made the overall learning process a lot of fun. Living in the West, however, my kids do not have similar opportunities to learn salah.  

This is why I was so happy to discover My Salah Mat this past Ramadan. My Salah Matis an interactive prayer mat designed to help teach kids how to perform Salah in a fun and engaging manner. I am truly amazed by the innovative features of this product and have been telling all my family and friends about it. Yes, there are many books, phone applications and YouTube videos on the topic of teaching salah to kids, but I believe that there is nothing quite like learning with a tangible and interactive product.  

Ever since she got her Salah Mat, my daughter has absolutely loved laying it down beside mine. It’s been wonderful to see her trying to perfect her prayer positions by using the little hands, feet and knees marks printed on the mat! 

I’m so impressed by all the work that has gone into the research, creation and manufacturing of this product. As you read on, you will see why. 

My Salah Mat

How it Works 

My Salah Mat is essentially a touch-sensitive prayer mat that guides a child step-by-step on how to pray. Depending on the time of the day, your child starts by selecting the prayer they are performing. The touch-sensitive keys on My Salah Mat are able to detect hands and feet and automatically respond to prayer positions. For example, standing on the feet marking triggers the sound for the first action of Salah – the Takbir. Similarly, when the child bends down for sujood, the pressure of the knees, hands, and forehead plays the recitations related to that part of the prayer. In this manner, the prayer mat takes a child through two rakats of prayers. The mat also teaches a variety of surahs that a child can learn to recite during Qayam. One of the things I love is that everything is recited with proper tajweed, of course. Personally, that is not something I could teach my kids very well. Moreover, the mat gives instructions in 7 different languages (English, French, Arabic, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish & Urdu) so you can pick the language that you and your child is most comfortable using.

My Salah Mat

Product Design 

In terms of the product design itself, these are some of my favourite features: 

  • There are square keys that can be touched to play pre-recorded sounds of various recitations required during prayer. These keys are marked with writing or pictures and form a roadmap that easily takes a child through the different stages of prayer: Takbir, Qayam, Ruku, Itidal, Sujood, and Julus. The pictures on the keys and the way in which they are laid out with a “Start” and an “End” has been really helpful for my daughter. 
  • It is colourful which makes it a fun product for children.  
  • It is made of good quality, waterproof material. I love that I can be worry-free and leave my children to press the buttons and play around the mat. 
  • With all the features that it has, you’d think the product would be heavy. But it’s surprisingly very lightweight and therefore very easy for children to carry from room to room, and up or down the stairs.
  • There is a great Activity Book included with the prayer mat which has cute drawings, colouring pages, crossword puzzles and mazes. All of this helps your child learn more about Islamic terms and concepts. 

My Salah Mat

My Recommendation 

Overall, I believe this mat can help play a key role in teaching salah to young kids. Whether we live among a Muslim-majority population or not, it has become harder and harder to get kids excited about praying. Various technological gadgets have become a big part of daily life for adults and kids alike. And while there are countless benefits to having easy access to technology and information, there can be some significant drawbacks especially in terms of performing religious obligations. That is why, My Salah Mat has my full support and endorsement. There aren’t too many contemporary Islamic products out there using technology to make salah fun for kids, while still remaining off-line and off-screen.  

I’d recommend all Muslim parents to buy this product for their kids, as it is truly a great investment to make for this life and the next. 

My Salah Mat

*This review is sponsored by My Salah Mat. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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