1. Hina Javed

    My absolute first time coming here and reading your blog Anam and I’m so happy to be here ! Thorough enjoying reading this and can’t wait to the read the 3rd part! I follow your IG and I’m in love with everything you post. Keep up the awesome work!
    Hina (hinsterz on IG)

  2. Anam allhumdullilah you faced everything with courage i still remember how u used to be worried for baby that she was weak but with the grace of Allah she is a healthy kid now i am so happy to read that how everyone helped you may Allah give them jaza e khair for their efforts and i am so glad that aunty is now alright MashaAllah and i just got tears in my eyes reading your feeling when a mother child is weak or sick its really very difficult may Allah keep everyones kids in His hifazat ameen love u take care

  3. Naeema Farooqi

    What a journey! Kept me reading while holding my breath. You are a strong person and definitely inspiring for so many. May Allah SWT keep you and your beautiful family in his best protection aameen. Stay blessed and happy!😊

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