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The CN Tower Climb: My Story

by The Inspired Accountant

I did it!! The United Way CN Tower Climb is one of the most self-rewarding experiences I’ve been a part of. I would like to thank everyone who donated to this great cause and helped sponsor my climb!

I would’ve liked to be able to say that the climb was a piece of cake for me, but actually this strenuous activity taught me three important lessons:

  1. I need to work on my fitness.
  2. I should be more active.
  3. I have to actively work to be more fit.

It’s a bit sad that it took me 39 minutes and 1,176 steps to realize that eating healthy alone doesn’t cut it…. Okay, I lied, it took me only the first thirty flights of stairs to accept the fact that my quadriceps were not ready for the task ahead. Actually, to be totally honest, I knew this right when I randomly decided to sign up on my friend L’s team. But did it matter? Of course not! Because it’s all about challenging yourself!

In fact, I devised a few tactical plans in my head as to how I would keep myself motivated to reach this goal. To start with, I was going to pretend that I needed to get to the top ASAP to save a dying person’s life (a heroic approach). If that didn’t work, I would pretend like there was a million-dollar cash prize for everyone who reached the top (a greedy approach). If all else failed, I was going to convince myself that they were giving out free designer wedding dresses up there (the final, desparate approach).

Now, here’s what really happened:

Floors 1-30
Started off well and everything was great. Motivational signs such as “Come on! You can do it!” were posted on every other floor. I climbed and climbed and climbed. No pain. No burn. Wow! I’m a superstar!

Floors 31-60
Got really tired and started taking breaks. Okay may be I’m not a superstar, but I can do it! There’s only… 87 MORE FLOORS to go?????

Floors 61-80
Tried all of my aforementioned strategic approaches but they failed on me. The truth is that you can’t lie to yourself. Nothing worked! (Yeah, don’t expect me to be able to save your life if it requires me to climb this many stairs). As I was resting, a 70ish-year-old man passed right by me – a sign that I needed to get moving fast. And so I eventually did.

Floors 81-120
Decided to forget about time and just focus on making it to the top. Must.. keep.. climbing…… Mus…. keeee…. *almost dies*

Floors 121-147
I have to say that these last floors were my best. Everyone sprinted and you could feel an accelerating sense of energy in the atmosphere fuelled by the excitement of being so close to the finish line. And then before I knew it, I had made it!!!


The climb was difficult, no doubt, but all kinds of people – young and old, fit and unfit – attempted it at their own pace, and they were able to do it. I feel super motivated by those who climbed without breaking to rest. I’m setting my goal time to be under half an hour in the future and I know that it’s totally doable!

Oh, and did I mention that this was my first time up on the CN tower? I think it was a quite a memorable first visit. Too bad I couldn’t take any pictures of the view because no cameras/cell phones were allowed for the climb.

When I came home and told my dad about today, he gravely asked, “So you raised all this money for them, and they couldn’t even let you take the elevators to go up??”
“Yeah, dad! They’re mean like that!” I replied.

My team finished off this mini adventure with a delicious, well-deserved breakfast at Marche. Overall, not a bad day!!

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