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Back in the T.O!

by Inspired Anam

The flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver was with Air Canada.  When I got on the airplane and sat down on my seat, I was in disbelief. CBC News was an option on the little TV screen before my eyes, there were Caucasians who weren’t tourists but flight attendants,  and English was spoken with proper grammar and in an accent that was not Asian.  I did not see all that coming! And then I got to Vancouver airport and had my first sighting of the Tim Hortons logo in six weeks.  That’s when I knew it really was happening – I was going home!As you can see from the above picture, it seems like we covered half of the world on the way back.  All of those hours  add up to 32 in total… Our patience with airplanes and airports was truly tested before we finally got to Toronto!

Honestly, I was getting quite homesick towards the end of the trip.  I have never lived away from my family and I really missed my parents and siblings.  Not to mention my mom’s cooking, my own bed and washroom, the easy access to laundry machines, and the cold Canadian weather (yes, even that!).  And I wasn’t the only baby; two other girls in my group were also dying to go home! They know who they are 😀

Now that I’m back, I realize that this was definitely the trip of a lifetime.  There was never a single dull day.  We had no worry in the world except deciding which restaurants to go eat at, ensuring we had sunscreen on, and figuring out the optimal order of sightseeing in a given city such that the weather cooperates and we catch sunrises and sunsets at the right places at the right times.  We were on and off mountains, in and out of water, up and down in the air, and around and about historic cultural sites.  The active parts of the trip are what I truly miss right now.  Since I got back, I have been waking up surprised that I have no place to go visit and no real activity to look forward to during the day…

All that is great, but now for the real blogger test: did I keep a written account of my adventure to share on my blog?  The answer is yes but for a total of three days only… I know… major fail.  But I have a good reason for why I didn’t write.  I decided that I’d just snap away as many pictures as possible.  After all, every picture is worth a thousand words… at least!  So I figured the pictures will show and remind me of more things than I can ever remember or write down.  How smart of an idea was that 😉

As I sort through my 3000+ pictures, I will be blogging about each of the 11 cities I visited during this journey of epic proportions.  Stay tuned!

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Annie June 14, 2011 - 9:04 pm

I can’t wait to see all the pics and come up with the stories for each one. As you said, pictures are worth a thousand words at least…haha

Great post…can’t wait to read about your awesome adventures in each of the eleven cities you went to.


And how come you guys went to Van city before Toronto? 😮 Did you stay their overnight?

aneeza Q. haider June 14, 2011 - 9:38 pm

yaar ur really making me jealous….i remmba
just two days back i was talkng to hubby ova da fone n telling him “anam’s bak home aftr a long trip , just attended her graduation ceremony.shes haven a happy tym of her lyf….”(mshallah)
n excuse me am not waiting for u to blog abot ur pics n read
i want to c those +3000 pics .aftr all they wod say more than 1000 words atleast,then u wod blog abot them 😛
but don’t worry i wod be reading them aswell,,,but come on gal upload da pics.
bak frm trip ,graduation ceremony..now what? njoying summers or gettng out for “job hunting”??
best wishes
lots of love 🙂

..::hbrose::.. June 15, 2011 - 10:20 am


Glad to hear you’re back!! Seriously … I’m so HAPPY you’re back!

Missed you the whole month of May and your blog post … well I guess it was worth waiting for as you are now going to blog about each of the 11 cities. The adventures, mischievousness, ups and downs, oh and don’t forget to tell us about the terrible/worst part here… and the funniest (I know you won’t)… oh and did you learn something about yourself, something that you never knew until this experience?!! =D Very excited to hear the story of your “45 days” away from home and getting to learning more about SE Asia!!

“It is only in adventures that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.” –Andre Gide

Who knows … maybe hearing your stories might just get me to pack my bags for next summer!

Love you!

Aksemah June 15, 2011 - 7:23 pm


Mehnaaz June 24, 2011 - 10:30 pm

summarized sooo beautifully and while reading this i got that feeling back that u were describing amazing job anam 🙂

sincerelyAnam June 30, 2011 - 6:11 pm

Annie, no we didn’t stay overnight. We initially had a 1 hour stay there, which turned into 6 hours sadly. Will be putting up pics soon! Finally getting them in order.

Aneeza, thanks! No I’m just going to be blogging this summer lol no other major plans. I’ll put up pics soon. Worry not 🙂

Hbrose, I’ll try to share as much as I can lol and definitely will let you know what I learned about myself. Have to think about that but it’s a good idea!

Mehnaaz, thanks 🙂


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