My Summer Goals

I’m a list person. If you take away my list of things-to-do, you’re basically forcing me to sit and stare at the ceiling. I cannot function without it.

I always have a list for day-to-day tasks on my blackberry memo-pad and my iCalendar, and during school I used to have the same list written out on my agenda booklet as well. (Now I know where all my time went!) Anyway, I do have a list for this summer as well. Sharing it with you guys so you can hold me accountable.


1. Volunteer

I’ve done quite a bit of the traditional gain-the-workplace-experience type of volunteering over the past few years.  This summer, I’m not volunteering at any non-profit organization UNLESS there’s no house chores to be done (and those are infinite).  I’ve come to realize that if you manage your house for one week, you can gain most of the skills right at home.  Examples:

  • Organization & Goal Setting –  when and how often to change linens, do laundry, clean washrooms etc.
  • Punctuality & Time Management –  Having groceries done and food cooked on time (which is another time management job on it’s own)
  • Creativity –  decorating your house, thinking of new uses for old stuff, thinking of ingredients that can help enhance flavours
  • Leadership & teamwork –  delegating tasks to others in your house and working together
  • Negotiation –  swapping tasks with siblings in a way that lets you have the maximum benefit

2. Get my License!

Still have to get my driver’s license. I can drive just fine but can’t park for beans. A lot of practice is to be done.

3. Cook

My trip to Asia inspired me to cook. Eating out for 45 days really made me realize the true value of homemade foods. I also want to try and make some of my favourite dishes from the trip. I’m taking a picture of everything I make and bake so that in future I don’t forget what I was once capable of…

4. Be Healthy

I recently learned about something so useful: Myfitnesspal. You can download it on your iPod and track your daily eating habits. You may not want to keep track of these things, but I think it’s so cool how it breaks it down for you. It can tell you a lot about your habits. If you have an iPod/iPhone, download it and see how strangely addictive the app can be. And if you don’t, worry not! You can sign up on their website as well.

5. Have a good, memorable Ramadan

The holy month of fasting for Muslims starts in August this year. It might be the last Ramadan before my life gets really crazy with work and what not. So I want to make the most of it this summer and learn more about my religion and try to implement it in my life. Will try to share with you what I learn 🙂

6. Read

I have a list for this too, of course, and on it you will find:

* Shantaram
* When Genius Failed
* Man’s Search for Meaning
* Can you Keep a Secret?
* The Fountainhead
* Harry Potter (all seven books!)

I think that’s a realistic list. Most of these are fiction books. I used to think I like non-fiction, but the more I read fiction, the more I realize I like the mythical world better than the real one.

Harry Potter has been at the bottom of my list for as long as I can remember. My siblings have been forcing me to read it for so many years. But I can’t bring myself to do it because I already know that Severus Snape is actually not an evil person. I know that Sirius Black dies in the fifth book. I know that Ron likes Hermoine and that they will go on to get married. And the list goes on. You know what I mean? The movies have ruined everything for me! My sister, however, claims that I’m totally wrong and nothing will ever beat the experience of actually reading the series. Let’s see if it happens this year. If one of you Harry Potter fans out there wants to motivate me, please go ahead.

7. Write

Last but not least, I need to keep writing on this blog before I get too lazy.


This is all for now. Ciao!

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  1. Yay! Your lists look a lot like mine! Also for reading, if you want a great non-fiction, read “The magic of thinking big”

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