When you have a lot of ideas and opinions to voice, just start blogging!
~ Anonymous (me under disguise)

I’m a story teller.  Everyday, I make someone listen to me as I talk about how I caught my bus last minute, which YouTube video I watched, why my little brother made me laugh, or what I think about a politician who’s acting up.  Mostly, I find myself victimizing a fellow school buddy for this purpose.  But now that I’m about to finish the final year of my undergrad, it just hit me that I will no longer meet the people I’ve been seeing for the past four years!  And of course, it’s a given that they’re gonna miss hearing about my adventures… 😛

So in light of this sad reality, I’ve decided to join the blogosphere to not only keep in touch with friends, but to also connect with new people who share my interests.  Why not use Facebook and Twitter for this purpose?  Because tweets and status updates kinda suck.  Sure, they tell you that people are still alive, but I believe it’s much more meaningful to read a piece written by someone you personally know or have been following for sometime.

Here, I wanna share the extraordinary lessons I learn from an ordinary life.  I want this blog to expand and mature.  But it can go crazy and then stay crazy if it wants.  It can even go missing and then rediscover itself.  I’ll be writing about a whole bunch of stuff – life, travel, religion, current events, music, or even my random observations as a bystander on the street.  As a matter of fact, I was going to call this blog “The Everything Blog” until my sister told me that it would be really “lame.” I believe her.

Um, someone please tell me why I didn’t start blogging earlier…?  Because I just got really thrilled about it.  Anyhow, I’m excited to have you join me and please don’t be afraid to comment and say hi! 🙂

Welcome to my Blog!