My Holiday Dinner Tablescape

As you all know, I was talking about my holiday dinner and tablescape on Instagram since the beginning of November. I really wanted to do something a little special with my dining area and invite my family over during the Christmas holidays for a memorable get-together. I love decorating little spaces and creating vignettes so I take any excuse to do that! 

But when December finally rolled around, so did this crazy cold weather we’ve had in Toronto along with all sorts of viruses. My daughter, my husband and I were all down with colds and fevers on and off for what seemed like three weeks. I ended up calling my guests and telling them that I had to postpone the dinner which was originally planned for Christmas day. I’m sure they were glad to hear it because who wants to come over and eat at a house full of sick people anyway, haha!

My party ended up being more like a New Year’s Eve get-together, which was perfect. We had such a great time, and can I just say – my dining table really stole the spotlight 😛

I had NO idea at first about what I wanted to do, but after a whole lot of Pinteresting, I finally had a vision in mind.

I went for a neutral yet glam theme with little snow-capped trees, shiny ornaments, metallic plates and accessories, and of course, some candles to create a beautiful ambiance. My favourite part was the mixture of gold, silver and chrome colours. Surprisingly, this tablescape was incredibly easy to put together. Once I had all the accessories and dinnerware finalized, I basically worked from the middle of the table outward, placeing similar items on either side of the “centre-piece” to keep the overall look balanced.

Many of the beautiful accessories and dinnerware you see in the pictures were generously sponsored by HomeSense Canada from their winter décor collection. Honestly, you can find anything and everything at HomeSense, no matter what your party theme is. Everything here is basically a mix-and-match which ended up working together so beautifully! If you’re interested, I have included a detailed source-list at the bottom of this post, with links to exact products where possible.

Holiday Dinner Table Decor

Since I don’t have curtains on my windows, I find that the overall look of the window can sometimes look very “boxy.” To create some flow, I got these beautiful metallic leaves that were a great find from Canadian Tire. I originally meant to put them up as three wreaths which I think would’ve looked super cute as well, but the wires inside the main stems were very stubborn for some reason and somehow just didn’t co-operate to make a nice-looking round shape. So I ended up just letting them hang down and thought it didn’t look too bad.

Disclosure: Some products in this post were partially sponsored by HomeSense Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Feel free to pin these pictures for ideas for your next get-together! You can use a similar decorating style, even if it’s not so fancy. I would definitely do something like this again because it was so fun to get creative with the dining space and give my guests a memorable experience. Have you ever tried a fun table-scape for your get-togethers? What is your style? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, ciao ciao!

Source List:

Metallic Honeycomb-pattern plates, napkins, and cutlery – HomeSense Canada | Ornaments, Candle Stands & Decorative trees – HomeSense Canada | Pitchers & Glasses – HomeSense Canada | Table Runner – Linen Chest | Coasters – Pier 1 Imports | Metallic Leaves – Canadian Tire | Faux Fur Chair Cover – Ikea Canada | String Lights – Ikea Canada | Bulb String Lights – HomeSense Canada


My CPA Journey – Part 4 of 4: Reaching the end of the Tunnel

Continued from Part 3 of 4 – My Crazy Maternity Leave

To Work or not to Work – that is the question

Before I knew it, I was in Month 11 of my insane year of maternity leave and was due to go back to work soon. I had a lot of questions and important decisions to make and still wasn’t emotionally stable. Do I even want to go back? What about my little girl? She still has so many appointments. How can I possibly leave her with strangers at daycare? How would she ever adjust over there? Would she eat? Would she nap? Would they ever understand her needs? Would she spend all day crying? And how can I go back to a work environment which is known to be so demanding? Would I spend my days struggling at work? Would I ever reach the end of the tunnel? I felt so clueless and had no real answers to any of these questions.

The daycare part was hands down the toughest to think about and find a solution for. The last time I went to work, I was pretty much single. Now I had a family – a baby to dress and feed in the morning before catching my train and somehow making it to work on time. I used to hardly reach my office for 9am, so this new daily routine seemed impossible. (more…)

My CPA Journey – Part 3 of 4 | My Crazy Maternity Leave

….Continued from Part 2

My maternity leave is not a time where I look back and see lots of happy memories. Basically, if you met me around then, you would’ve found me with a tiny baby in my arms, and I would’ve said that life is brutal. It’s unfair. It’s hopeless. And if you’re thinking it was postpartum depression, it really wasn’t. At least I don’t think so. Because I had no time to fall into that kind of depression! As you read on, you’ll see why 🙂 (more…)

3 Easy Desserts You Can Make in 60 Minutes

Hello, lovely people!

Today I’m sharing with you three super quick and easy desserts that I absolutely love. I make them often for tea parties or little family get-togethers and they really impress the guests 😉 These will make for cute little snacks at your next week’s Eid celebrations as well. I actually believe that once you have all the ingredients laid out in front of you, you can make all three of them within an hour, because that’s how easy they are. I might share the baking videos on my instastories if I make them for Eid so watch out for them on my Instagram. Let’s get into the recipes and see what they’re all about!


Book Review: SAPIENS by Yuval Noah Harari

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I really loved the book Sapiens and recommended it to everyone! I’ve talked about it even more at home with my husband. He’s not really interested in books like this, but I made sure I talked to him about it all! 😀 Now he pretty much knows the whole book through me and didn’t even have to read it! I honestly think he’s so lucky but he would beg to differ haha! I couldn’t help it. Sapiens had me totally hooked from the start! I have never read such a thrilling account of humans that covers all the nerdy topics that I love: history, religions, philosophy, psychology, humanities, science and technology! (more…)